Maximum Torque
Minimum End Load
Longer Bit Life
Phillips recessed screws were once great for what they were designed for--automatic cam out in manufacturing of automobiles. But we're living in the modern world. That built-in, "automatic" cam out feature just doesn't cut it anymore for high torque applications. With only 4 points of contact and a poor fit, it leads to big problems. Stripped screws. Worn bits. Decreased productivity. Higher torque just means more effort from the operator. Can you say "push harder?" Phillips recessed screws just weren't designed for modern, high-torque applications.
LOX Test Results
In a recent independent test, LOX screws demonstrated more than triple the torque capacity of square. Applying increasing torque to the recess, the square drive cammed out with 37.79 Kgf-cm, which is well before the screw could be fully driven and seated. In every comparable test the LOX recess screw seated completely, with an average force of 82.11 Kgf-cm. In other tests, the LOX screw tolerated the maximum 100 Kgf-cm of force delivered by the test equipment and still did not cam out. In other words, the LOX exceeded the ability of the testing equipment to apply force. That's MAXIMUM TORQUE!
LOX Recess Phillips Square
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