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About Brad Wagner
Developer of the LOX Fastener System
Brad Wagner has been a leading innovator in the construction fastener industry since 1959. In 1974 he introduced the Streaker Drywall Screw, which revolutionized the attachment of drywall to steel studs. Wagner is also credited for having created the first 4000 rpm screw gun and the first layout level, among other evolutions in construction technology.  
Several years ago, working with metal frame houses in Hawaii, workers needed a more reliable fastener system that wouldn’t burn through bits so quickly. After months of searching he was still unable to find a high torque fastening system that matched his high expectations, so he set about developing his own.
Drawing upon his skills as a graduate engineer, and after several months of dedicated effort and technical trials, he had a prototype of the LOX design ready for production. He then worked with the manufacturer to fine-tune production of the head/recess forming punches, along with special gauges for exacting quality assurance.
LOX technology has already been licensed for use by several major distributors, and it is steadily gaining a well-earned reputation as the leading fastener system for high-torque applications.
Licensing rights for LOX are managed by JJCT, Inc. company, a subsidiary of JJCT, Inc., which is headquartered in Alpine, Utah.
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