Maximum Torque
Minimum End Load
Longer Bit Life
Maximum Torque
Ever get that sinking feeling…?
If you're using an outdated driver system for modern, high-torque applications, you probably don't get that sinking feeling as often as you'd like. Older recesses often cam out before the fastener is properly seated, completely negating its design and function.
LOX is engineered to meet the demands of a new era of construction, with its high density materials, new methods and powerful new tools. LOX addresses the many shortcomings of yesterday's fasteners, combining years of engineering expertise with as many years of industry experience. The resulting drive system far surpasses competing systems and sets a new industry standard.
Design Factors
12 contact points – Driving torque is distributed to 12 contact points, not just four or five, allowing for more efficient torque transmission while minimizing wear.  
Vertical sidewalls – Recesses with sloped sides transfer forces outward, literally pushing the bit out of the recess and causing camout. LOX has vertical sidewalls that transfer forces radially, keeping the bit seated and minimizing end load.  
4 degree drive angle – A near zero degree drive angle optimizes torque transmission and eliminates radial stresses, dramatically increasing bit life.  
4 projections – LOX unique offset square design has four projections that effectively eliminate stripping. These projections maximize bit life while minimizing material waste.  
Directional stability – Multiple, concentric driving surfaces are directionally stable to within less than two degrees. So the LOX drive system is the ideal choice where there is poor access or no direct line of sight to the fastener location.  
Consistent depth control and proper fastener seating
Suitable for high RPM drives (up to 2000 rpm)
Superior metal-to-metal and wood-to-metal fastening
Natural stick fit without a magnetic bit holder
Tamper resistance
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