Maximum Torque
Minimum End Load
Longer Bit Life
Longer Bit Life
Strictly in terms of cost of materials, bit life is an extremely minor consideration. However, the life of a driver bit has a direct impact on other hard costs, not to mention job quality.
Even if the material costs are negligible, workers don't like stopping to replace worn bits. It throws off their rhythm and slows their progress. They often wait until bits are completely worn before stopping to changing them.
As bits start to wear, the ability of the worker to drive fasteners reliably and consistently is diminished. Greater end load may be needed to seat a fastener, contributing to worker fatigue.
Worn bits also cause stripped heads. Not only is this an unnecessary waste of materials, but a lot of additional time and effort is lost removing stripped fasteners. In a worst case scenario, workers simply hammer down stripped fasteners, destroying the integrity of the joint.
With LOX technology bit life is never an issue. Through its superior design and highly efficient transmission of torque, stresses that lead to bit wear and failure are greatly reduced.
In comparison tests, LOX bits last five to ten times longer than square or Phillips. Where one man working would use anywhere from 3-6 bits a day, this same person using the LOX drive can keep 1 bit in production for days going into weeks of productive use. When workers do get around to changing out bits, it's usually just a precaution, not because of excessive wear.
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